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Elizabeth M. Duggan 1920 - 2010

Elizabeth Duggan with her children, husband, and the Duggan family.
Elizabeth is in the middle row, second in from the right
Elizabeth's mother Elizabeth Donoghue is middle row fourth in from the right
Her husband Peter Francis Daley is standing second in from the right
Elizabeth “Betty” (Duggan) Daley was my grandmother, fondly called Nana by her grandchildren. In contrast to my grandfather (Peter Francis Daley), who was soft spoken and quiet, Betty was generally very willing to share her opinion about life. Growing up, we always knew more about the Duggan side of my father’s family. Where the Daley origins continue to be a little mysterious, the Duggan history is more well known.

Elizabeth Duggan was the daughter of Cornelius Timothy Duggan (b. 1885) and Elizabeth M. Donoghue (b. 1886). Including my grandmother, this family contained the following children:

- Elizabeth Duggan b. 1920
- Cornelius Timothy “Buddy” Duggan b. 1922
- Joseph Duggan b. 1923
- Eleanor Duggan b. 1925
- John R. Duggan b. 1926
- Patricia Duggan b. 1926
- Mortimer Duggan b. 1927

I have at least the 1930 census showing this family, though for some reason I have not yet been able to find the 1920 census.

Census showing my grandmother at the age of 9.
Elizabeth Duggan married Peter Francis Daley Sr. on May 2 1943 at St. Mary's Church in Waltham. Together, they had the following four children:

- Peter Francis Daley Jr b. 1944
- Patricia Daley b. 1947
- Ellen Marie Daley b. 1949
- Elaine Daley  b. 1951

When I think of my grandparents, I generally think of their dog breeding business and hobby. Both Peter and Betty ran a kennel called Conwyre Acres in Hopkinton, Ma, at which they bred and raised wire haired fox terriers. Most of her grandchildren would fondly recall, among many things, the puppies we were allowed to interact with.

Through the help of Irish relatives, I have been able to take the Duggan family back several generations, though I am still collecting records to support things I know about the family. Like the Daley family, the Duggans originated in Ireland, this time from County Cork. Again, when I travel to Ireland, Banteer Co. Cork will be among the places I spend a great deal of time exploring.

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