Thursday, February 6, 2014

Discoveries in 2013

A lot has changed in my family research since I last posted. The biggest advancement has been the release of my grandfather’s birth records. Through this record and with the help of another genealogist, I have confirmed that my grandfather’s birth mother was Mary Rose Statuto of Lowell, Ma. 

Armed with this information, I was able to acquire a large amount of information about the Statuto family through the use of Newspaper archives for the most part. I learned about the life and adventures of her father, Peter Statuto, a well known grocer in Lowell during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He certainly was an interesting guy. Let’s just say for now that Daniel Duggan was not the only rascal in my family tree. I will be posting information about my discoveries in the very near future.

The other large development also concerns my grandfather’s family. Because of recently obtained (mostly unquestionable data) I believe I have disproved the theory that George Daley was the father of my grandfather Peter Francis Daley. In addition, it has come into question whether or not my grandfather is related to the Daley family at all.Who his biological father was remains a huge mystery which continues to frustrate me.

All this new information has pushed me into new lines of research I had never considered before. It has made me (once again) question the accepted origins of our family, our identity, and even our ethnicity. At times I have been hugely disappointed by my discoveries and at other times I am completely fascinated. Either way, good or bad, expected or unexpected, the past few months of research has been a roller coaster. Stay tuned, I’ll explain why.

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