Sunday, May 11, 2014

Peter Francis Daley - Y DNA Test

Peter Francis Daley Sr.  - Age 5
This is one of my favorite pictures of my grandfather, Peter Francis Daley. He is perhaps 5 in this photo. Because he was adopted around the age of 3, this is probably the earliest picture we have of him. In it, I think he looks a lot like my father when he was a child. I even think he looks like my nephews, who are now six. 
Peter Francis Daley Jr - My Dad - What a handsome little guy!
Peter Francis Jr - Age about 6
My nephews (Nate and Jack) at my wedding  - Jack (left) really looks like Peter Sr.

My nephews - Nate (left) and Jack (right)
As I’ve written previously, my grandfather was born Peter Statuto in Pepperell, Ma in June of 1920. His mother’s name was Mary Rose Statuto and his father is still unknown. Peter was raised by John J. Daley and Ellen Tully in Dorchester, Ma. The reason for his adoption and how he came to live with the Daleys is still a bit of a mystery. With the permission of John J, Peter changed his surname to Daley as an adult. 

 In related news, my Y DNA test from Ancestry has become lost. I have now ordered and taken a Y-DNA test from Family Tree DNA. The results are due in early June. I hope the analysis can give me a clearer indication as to where my grandfather’s father came from and perhaps even some surnames our Y line is strongly connected to. I still have a couple avenues of research to follow up on to try to solve this mystery, but I hope the DNA will help.

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