Tuesday, December 18, 2012

John J. Daley Obituary

John J Daley's Obitary
Not much information
Sometimes it is the lack of information within a document which might provide a clue to an ancestor. For instance, when I obtained John J. Daley’s obituary, I hoped it might contain clues about his parents or siblings. Although, the short write up did not mention his family at all, it still gave me some information.

In comparing his obituary to his death records, neither of which John probably gave the information for, it is apparent that his children did not know much about his past or his family. His older son George Daley is recorded to have given the information on his death record, which lists John’s father as another John Daley and his birthplace as Boston, Ma. I do not think either piece of information is accurate.

In his obituary, no information is given about parents or notifications to siblings or friends. To me, this either means they were not part of his life or he had little enough to do with them that his children would not have known who they were. Either way, it makes my job just a little more difficult. Oh well, such is genealogy sometimes. On to the next document and hopefully better luck.

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