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William Joseph Daley 1896 - 1974

William Joseph Daley born 10 Nov 1896
William Joseph Daley was the first child of my great-great grandparents, John J Daley and Ellen Tully. I know very little about his life other than what I have learned from relatives and from his historic paper trail. As far as the basic facts, I know that he was born 10 Nov 1896. Like the rest of this Daley generation, he was born in Boston, Ma.

I have heard from relatives that William was a particularly charming guy, and he was also described as being somewhat of a rogue. I also know that he served in the Navy, though I have not been able to acquire these records as of yet. I assume, only because of his age, that he served in WWI.

Apparently William and his father suffered a falling out in their lives. I know from records that William was married twice. However, I can only find a record for his second marriage to a New Brunswick native by the name of Jane E. Burke. Both the bride and the groom listed this as their second marriage. He reported his status as widowed and she divorced. They were marriage 30 Nov 1930 in New Hampshire.

Marital Record for William Daley and Jane Burke

William Daley and Jane Burke Marital Record Page 2
It is interesting to note the inaccuracies William reported on the second page of the form. He noted that both his parents were born in Boston, Ma. However, I know for a fact Ellen Tully was born in Galway, Ireland. In addition, John J Daley was probably born in Galway as well, though he often listed his birthplace as New York City. William also listed John J’s career as engineer. I know he was a steamfitter who worked for the city of Boston, so I wonder about the accuracy of that statement as well.

After being married William Daley and Jane Burke moved to Lewiston, Maine, at least in 1932. However on his father’s will in 1949, William’s residence was listed as Dorchester, Ma. Either way, according to the Maine death indexWilliam passed in Lewiston, Maine 24 April 1974. At least one Daley relative recalls visiting him there.

William was included as an inheritor on John J Daley’s last will and testament. However, John J. was careful note that if William inherited property, William’s second wife and their children would be excluded from the inheritance. In addition, he left William’s step children only $1 each, while he had left his other grandchildren quite a bit more. I am not sure why William and John Daley suffered a falling out, but it seems that it had something to do with his second marriage.

I am continuing my attempts to locate all the descendants of John J Daley and Ellen Tully. However, no one I have talked to knows the location of William’s descendants. As William was John and Ellen’s first child, it is possible the family has photos or records that could help nail down the exact origins of the Daley family, or at least close another chapter on the mysterious life of John J. Daley.

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