Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Michael Joseph Tully b. 1873

Although I dont know too much about the Tully family, I actually know more about them than I do the Daleys. In addition, Michael Joseph Tully, the brother of my great-great grandmother, is one of the family members that continually pops up in records time and again.

Like most of the Tullys, Michael was born in Clonbrock co. Galway, Ireland to Thomas Tully and Mary McCormack. I was able to find his birth date in the Ancestry list of Irish births and baptisms. According to this index, he was born 20 January, 1873, making him the younger brother of my great-grandmother Ellen.

In addition to this information, I know for a fact he came to the US by at least 1896, as he appears as the best man at the wedding of my great-great grandparents, John Daley and Ellen Tully. I had hoped to see a Daley relative in this church record when I ordered it, but those relatives remain a mystery.

Michael Joseph Tully best man for John J Daley at his mariage
Michael Tully also appears as one of the God parents to the couples first born child, William Joseph Daley in that same year.
Michael Joseph Tully- God Parent to William Daley
After 1896, I lose track of Michael Tully. There are a couple Michael Tullys who lived in Massachusetts that look promising. One couple, Michael and Bridget Tully, stayed in Boston. Their first child was even named John J. Tully. Probably not a coicidence. However, I don't want to guess. I will soon be able to access his naturalization records, so I might know more pretty soon. Until then, Michael Tully is an interesting lead to follow.

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