Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Ancestry DNA Results

Well, after waiting in anticipation for a couple months, my genetic ancestry results just came in from Ancestry DNA. I ordered the DNA test from Ancestry for a few reasons. I wanted to find connections between my Daley clan and other related families. I also wanted to see if my DNA results would be able to link me with the family of my grandfather’s biological mother. Lastly, I was just curious.

Mostly, the results came back as suspected. My maternal grandfather’s family, my paternal grandmother’s family, and most of my paternal grandfather’s family were all from Ireland. That would be 10 out of 14 great great grandparents.

However, a good portion of my mother’s family were also French, Flemish, and Belgian. Through my mother, I belong to the well researched Goulet family, which traces their ancestry back to Jacques Goulet, who traveled from Normandel France, in Lower Normandy, to Quebec in 1646. However, as you can see 7% of my ancestry is listed as unknown rather than French or something similar.

At first, I thought this was a little odd. However, as my mother would have inherited half her genes from her Irish-American father and half from her French-Canadian mother, I might inherit significantly less French genes from my own mother. In addition, the Surname Goulet is listed as a Breton surname. So, I suppose its possible the Goulets could have descended from the Celtic immigrants who fled from Britain to establish Brittany when their territory was conquered by Angles, Saxons, and Jutes after the fall of Rome.

I was also a little surprised I had no southern European or Italian ancestry, as I am pretty sure my grandfather’s mother was Italian, as listed in the 1930 US Census. However, Ancestry DNA has stated the unknown portion of my DNA ethnicity may be further defined in the future. So, it’s possible my future genetic profile will reflect what the paper-trail shows in my family tree.

I’m pretty excited to have my results in, as new DNA matches will be found every day. This is my first DNA test and since I already had a decently large tree established on Ancestry, I knew the results would be useful. I also knew that it would not be some magical tool that would fill in my ancestry without any work or research on my part. Still, I hope to use it as a tool to connect to other Daley families and fill in some of those holes and mysteries my family tree has become notorious for.

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