Friday, December 28, 2012

Marital Record John J Daley and Ellen Tully

I had originally ordered the marital record of my great-great grandparents hoping that I would discover the maiden name of John Daleys mother or might learn more about his family through the names of the witnesses. However, as with other records, I both solved some mysteries and came away with more questions.

John Daley and Ellen Tully were married 5 January 1896 at St. Philips in Roxbury, Ma. Although both the bride and the groom listed the names of their parents, neither listed the maiden name of their mother. John Daleys parents were listed as Michael and Mary Daly, and Ellen Tullys parents were listed as Thomas and Mary Tully. I was eventually able to learn the maiden name of Ellens mother through the birth records of her siblings. However, I have still been unable to locate the maiden name of John J Daleys mother.

I did learn a bit from the names of the witnesses. I had hoped John Daley would have had one of his siblings as the best man or maid of honor. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The best man was listed as Michael Joseph Tully and the maid of honor was Mary Agnes Tully. Both witnesses were Ellens siblings.Where John's family was or if they participated in the wedding, I do not know.

As I do not know much more about Johns siblings, I have so far been unable to locate either his mothers maiden name or the exact place of his birth. I do have a couple more records coming in the mail and hope to have access to even a few more in upcoming weeks. Even though I did not achieve my genealogical goals with this records, getting new famly documents is always exciting. You never know what information will appear or what you might learn about your ancestors and about the history of your own family.

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