Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Research - Ellen Tully Obituary

I have only recently found the obituary for my Great Great Grandmother, Ellen Tully. I knew she lived in Boston most of her life, but had not had access to the Boston Globe archives until this month. I was hoping the obituary would provide more clues to the origins of her husband’s family. In some ways it did, but the clues were not apparent at first.
According to the record, Ellen died in October of 1934, which I already knew. I also already knew she lived in Dorchester, Ma. The interesting part came at the end of the document. According to the obituary, relatives and friends in Springfield, Holyoke, New York City, and Philadelphia were notified of her passing.

I find this interesting because I did not know she had family outside of Boston and Ireland in 1934. Most of the Tully siblings, of which there were many, lived in and around Boston. In addition, according to an older relative, her husband might have had a sibling named Richard Daley who lived in either Philadelphia or Springfield.

Although, not really solid clues, sometimes family research is like this. Its also true that following little clues like this can sometimes lead to huge finds genealogically speaking. I certainly hope so.

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